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How To Donate

The HOCC is a not-for-profit international network, but donations are not tax-deductible (yet...). However, because we have received queries about this, and have also already received donations, we thought it best to clarify:


-any monetary donations are wired directly to Honduras, or are received in Honduras, and are invested directly in efforts that donors wish to support.


-we solicit volunteers, interns, and paying clients for our expeditions to help offset costs and pay local people appropriate wages


-a single $50 contribution, for example, can fund an entire day of environmental education in a remote community; it is AMAZING how far very little money can go, and how much it can achieve!


-since 2011, our steering committee members have been supported directly, or through our institutions, by The Peregrine Fund (Red-throated Caracara), Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, Zoo Boise, Naples Zoo and Caribbean Gardens, and Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (3-wattled Bellbird), National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration (unsurveyed cloud forests), among others.


-we gladly accept donations (see list below) that we promptly hand-carry to Honduras and keep in our warehouse at ORCHIDS, or distribute to schools:


  • ANY environmental education materials, in Spanish, for schools

  • Tents, sleeping bags and pads, frame packs, day packs, and any other camping gear

  • Electronic equipment: old laptops and cameras are most valuable

  • Binoculars, binoculars, binoculars!

  • Field guides

  • A field vehicle (!)






Honduran Conservation Coalition

science-driven, community-focused
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